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Seasonal Tablescapes

By December 12, 2023No Comments

By Lisa Archer 

A festive, produce-filled table is a vehicle for conversation, a stand-in grazing board and just plain beautiful. This holiday season we are thinking outside the box as ww set our holiday table. Yes, we’ll pull out the china, the flatware and nice wine glasses, but we want to have some fun when it comes to the centerpiece, or tablescape! For inspiration, we looked to what’s in season at our local markets and  combined produce with other natural elements with an intent to engage our guests, spark conversations and whet appetites.

Over the weekend we went to our local market for our holiday shopping and added a few items to set the stage for our holiday party. Vibrant purple cauliflower, knobby kholrabi and pearly white turnips offered texture and a fun color palette. We’re foregoing candles in place of carrots in candlesticks. Pears step right out of a still life painting, and, though not locally procured, pomegranates and cranberries add depth and color to the spread. We paid a visit to our neighbors yard and left with a branch from their magnolia tree  (we asked permission before clipping, of course!). The glossy leaves create a luscious backdrop, but holly, foraged dried grasses or Swiss chard and collard greens are all perfectly good replacements. To complement the spread, we’re going to tuck various dips, breads and crackers around the edges, encouraging our guests to eat tablescape a crossover of a grazing board and allowing for an easy cleanup, post party.

Get creative this holiday season and Look to Local for inspiration when setting your next holiday table.

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