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Wine Cocktails Are What’s Going On!

By August 22, 2023No Comments

Wine cocktails offer a delicious lower abv option for light spring/summer sippin'.

Sangrias have always been wildly popular, especially as temperatures increase this season, but spritzers and wine-based cocktails are taking center stage this year. Spritzers are light, fizzy, refreshing and easy to drink. These drinks are low in alcohol, as they contain wine, soda water, and an endless array of other possibilities, including fresh fruit and herbs. Wine-based cocktails typically have a depth of flavor similar to spirit-based cocktails. Wineries throughout the region are starting to offer these drinks more as additional options to their guests who may not always want a full glass of wine. Other benefits to wine cocktails are that they stretch your wine when you have low production years and that they can bring in a whole new clientele, thereby increasing your sales. Here are some local Virginia wineries offering lovely additions to their drink menus.

-Janine Aquino


Wine Spritzer Firefly Cellars – Hamilton


Fruit ice cubes (strawberry, blueberry, lime)

1 bottle Firefly white blend

Splash of sweet traminette wine

Club soda

Mint garnish


Fill four large wine glasses with fruit ice cubes. Divide Firefly between  glasses and add a splash of traminette to each glass. Top with club soda and garnish with mint. 

Fruit Ice Cubes: Cut seasonal fruit and place in ice tray. You can use a single fruit or add multiple varieties to one tray. Fill with water and freeze for 12 hours before use. 

Lemon Crush Brent Manor Vineyards – Fabor

Makes enough for a party! 


1 bunch mint

1 bunch basil

5 bottles 2021 Brent Manor Vineyards viognier

2 cups lemonade

1 bag ice

Lemon slices to garnish


Using a mortar and pestle, bruise mint and basil to release flavor, reserving a few sprigs of each. Add herbs to the bottom of a large pitcher. Add a few scoops of ice, wine and lemonade. Stir with a long handled spoon or spatula. Fill glasses with ice and pour drink into glasses. Garnish with mint, basil and lemon slices.

Spring Spritzer Flying Fox – Afton


3 ounces Spring Vermouth

2 ounces sparkling wine

1 slice lemon


Club soda

Strawberry and thyme sprig to garnish


Pour vermouth and sparkling wine into a large wine or highball glass. Add lemon slice. Fill glass with ice, top with soda water and garnish with strawberry and thyme. 

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